Sietse Ringers bio photo

Sietse Ringers, PhD

  • Architect and lead developer of the IRMA project at SIDN
  • Interested in privacy enhancing technologies, cryptography, and in particular secure and privacy-friendly identity management
  • Obtained PhD in 2016 on privacy-friendly identity management and the mathematical side of gauge theories and partial differential equations

The IRMA project

The IRMA project is a privacy-friendly, secure and easy-to-use authentication mechanism, using the Idemix attribute-based credential scheme as underlying credential scheme. As the lead programmer of IRMA I develop and maintain the core software: the IRMA server that can verify and issue attributes, the IRMA iOS/Android app core, and the protocols they use (source, documentation).

Attribute-based credentials

With an attribute-based credential scheme, you can selectively show some of your properties, while keeping others to yourself (more detailed explanation here). Idemix is an example of such a scheme; it is used in the IRMA project. Jaap-Henk Hoepman, Eric Verheul and myself have created a new, smart-card suitable attribute-based credential scheme.

PhD thesis

My PhD thesis Quantization using Jet Space Geometry and Identity Management using Credential Schemes, which I defended on 7 October 2016 at the University of Groningen, may be found here. I have many hardcopies left; if you would like one, feel free to contact me.


Earlier publications

  • A. V. Kiselev and S. Ringers. A comparison of definitions for the Schouten bracket on jet spaces. In Proceedings of Sixth International Workshop “Group Analysis of Differential Equations and Integrable Systems”, Larnaca, Cyprus, 2012. arXiv: 1208.6196.
  • S. Ringers, Topologically Twisted Yang-Mills Theory on K3 Surfaces. MSc thesis, supervised by prof. R. Dijkgraaf. PDF.